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Momochi Junior High School is located close to the heart of Fukuoka City. We are 7th,8th,and 9th grade school.
After the establishment in 1947, extracurricular activities not to mention the studies and going on to advanced schools have left a lot of results in this school. The Track and Field Club, the Basketball Club, the Swimming Club, and Broadcasting Club participated in a nationwide rally in 2002 school year. An educational target hangs in the school, and the enhanced school life is led by an independent activity of an educational activity of the school personnel and the student who consists of the student association. The school district consists of three school districts in the Nishijin elementary school, Momochi elementary school, and the Momochihama elementary school, and is adjacent to business districts of west ward, Nishijin, and facilities of the Hawks Town, Fukuoka Tower, Fukuoka City Museum so on. This time, this homepage was published as an English version for international exchange. Please continue your favors toward the enhancement of the content.

*** As Real As You Get! Just click the titles below so that you can get the introductory videos. You will know much about the Japanese school life. This video was produced in commemoration of the 50th school establishment anniversary of Momochi J.H.S.
    DRAMAS(Comprehensive Studies 2001 school year)
    We made the movies in the comprehensive studies last school year. Of course, students made their own scenarios and took pictures by their hands. The following three movies are all fictions, and they are quite unrelated to the person and the group which exist.
  • Behind You
  • Teacher Impossible
  • G.O.

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Address:18-11 Momochi 3 chome Sawaraku Fukuoka, 814-0006 JAPAN

Fax: 092-821-1739
Phone: 092-821-1738

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