Most Japanese junior high school and high school students wear their school uniform. We, Momochi J.H.S. have a stand-collar uniform for boys and a sailor blouse and a skirt for girls. Before we wore this kind of uniform, we used KIMONO at school. But Ms. Elizabeth Lee, a principal at Fukuoka Girls' High School decided to use a sailor uniform for girls. I'm not sure but Ms.Lee returned to U.K. during her holidays and she adopted military costume for her pupils' uniform.The sailor uniform is good for working and playing sports.This might be the origin of sailor uniform in Fukuoka. It was about 100 years ago. Now we, junior high schools in Fukuoka have the same uniform in the city, because they don't have to prepare the new uniform when they change their school in Fukuoka City school district.They are thumnails of uniforms below, just click to see in details.I think it's interesting that the military or sailor uniform was used in foreign countries, but they are still used here in Fukuoka as the symbol of a junior high school student.(Reported by Yuchan)

Boys wear black pants and polo shirts or short-sleeve sport shirts. Girls wear light-blue pinafore dress and polo or sport shirts.

Boys wear black pants and long-sleeve sport shirts. Girls wear dark-blue pinafore dress and long-sleeve sport shirts.

Boys wear black pants, black jackets with a stand-up collar, and long-sleeve sport shirts inside the jackets. Girls wear dark-blue sailor blouses and skirts.

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