An anniversary lecture meeting was held on October 9, 1996. Professor Chikara Hayashi at Kyushu Industrial University was invited to our school and gave a lecture to our parents and staff. He warned us about the mental collapse of children who have been subjected to a changing social awareness and wrong home discipline. According to his survey, Japanese students only have time to communicate with their parents for 15 minutes on Sundays. Of course, this was based on the average of secondary school students. But we couldn't believe it. As you know, most Japanese students go to cram school after public school. When they come home, they watch TV during dinner and do not talk with their family at all. They do not help with housework( 2 minutes a day in his survey), and their parents allow this because they want their children to study more. The primary concern of parents is to have their children attend a good school, so that they can enter the university.University seems to be the main goal for their children. Professor Hayashi also sees society as having a role. The size of Japan is about the same as California, but the population is 120.000.000. So the price of land is VERY expensive. If we own a small portion of land, it will be sold for much more several years later. In the late eighties, many people bought land and sold it many times to earn money without working. It was during the "bubble economy". It didn't last for a long time, like bubbles. The idea of earning money without working was a bad influence on children. They hate hard work, dirty work or volunteer work. We have to value volunteer work and show respect to others. We value the students for who they are and not just for their grades. There is a definite need for teachers and parents alike to pay attention to the emotional development of our children. We must stop suicide and teasing.(reported by Yuchan)

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