A seaside deck,Marison is a popular spot for dating among the young. Marison was renewed and the beach became to be crowded. The approach to Marizon is paved with brick neatly and romantic spotlinghts make it more fashionable. In addition to grocery stores and restaurants, there are a photostudio, a cake shop and the Chapel which is often used for wedding ceremony. The white Chapel is very popular and cool.

The closest area to the sea is Marizon, a small artificial island. We can eat sea food dishes and enjoy shopping in some suvenior shops there.

The entrance to Marizon is a small park which has small fountains lightened up. The underground is a parking lot.

This photo was taken on Christmas eve. This town was also illuminated by Christmas lights. We can enjoy food, breeze, and sea views. The end of the road is a pier for the liner to convey passengers to the opposite beach Uminonakamichi.

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