If you happen to visit in Fukuoka, the Dome is definitely a place to visit. It is the only dome in Japan with a roof that opens to let in Blue skies and closes to keep the rain off a baseball game. The Dome is the home ground of Fukuoka's baseball team, the Daiei Hawks. Next to the dome stands the Sea Hawk Hotel, which is famous for its reasonable prices and jungle-like atrium. Both the Dome and the Sea Hawk stand on filled land reclaimed from the sea, and Hakata Bay is just a stone's throw away.
The main area of of the Dome is a baseball field where the Hawks play. The hawks play in the Pacific League, which is going to hava a very exciting season this year. The baseball season runs until October, but the Dome is open year-round, and the field is used for concerts and exhibitions in the off-season. I am sure that many famous music artists and interesting exhibitions will be on this fall. The Dome has 48,000 seats for baseball and even more for concerts and other attractions.
There is a circular mall around the baseball field, full of shops, restaurants, and attractions. One of the restaurants is the sports bar Big Life. From inside Big Life, large glass panels look into the inside of the Dome for 188 meters, halfway around the Dome! So you can watch the Hawks play or other attractions inside while enjoying your favorite drinks. Admission is only a thousand yen when there is a ball game, and five hundred when there is none.
Another popular restaurant is Evan Saran, which serves ethnic food. Evan Saran serves dishes coming from Thailand, China, and India, and they are delicious. The restaurant faces Hakata Bay, so you can get a nice view of Uminonakamichi on the other side of the Bay as you dine.

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