Class 4
Saori Nakaga
My dream is to be a doctor. I want to help people suffering from disease. So I chose this dream. It is not easy for me to be a doctor. At first I must study very hard science and math. And I must go onto a medical college. Next,I must learn not only to nurse about a body but also to nurseabout a heart. It is very difficult for me to be a doctor,but I think I want to realize this dream.
Akiko Hiro
My dream is to be a nurse.My mother is a nurse. So I'm intersted in to herped many people. If I became to be a nurse,I want to take care of hearts,and so on.But nurse is working day and night.It is very hard. Because,I don't like get up early. It is not easy for me to work.But,my mother said,"We're glad to preasure many people.I think want to glad many people. So I must study very hard.For dream come true.
Noriko Higuchi
My dream is to be come a nurse. I was preasent in my child hood when I was a child so brightly gentle ma'am. A crybaby from burst out crying burst into tears usually fill of spirit to me. Watch teacher such me a walm-hearted man grow up. And I want to be a nurse when I decided to grow up.... I'm more then like child very much. My dream bring so that little by little would like study hard!! One self one's own dream grant.
Takayuki Hisamistu
My dream isto a bank cIerk. I have seIected this dream because i want to money poIicy.But it is not easy to bacome a bank cIerk. First you have to go to acoIIege and study economic. Nest you have to know a bank work and study. Becoming a bank cierk is diffcuIt indeed.
Yuji nagatoshi
I want to be traveller and go to many countries by bicycle Because I like to go to far,so I selected this dream But it is very hard for me to travel by bicycle It needs to be strong mind,strong body and much money It may be very hard But I want to be traveller I will leave everything to wind.
My dream is to be a fighter. Because I want to be a strong man. First , I must build up one's body. Second , I must fight with another strong man. Being a fighter is very difficult. But I think that I want to realize this dream.
I would like to do international business in the future. So i want to be a diplomet. It is very wonderful but very difficult. I must study many foreigner languages and speak them. I want to work some European countries and Canada. My dream is diffecult for me but i will do my best and I will come true.
My dream is to belong to UNICEF. I want to help many children in the world,so I selected this dream.It is not easy for me to belong to UNICEF. To begin with,I must study English very hard. Next,I must understand children's feelings. It is really difficult for me to belong to UNICEF,and yet I want to realize this dream.
Naoya Shiga
CHANGE THE WORLD Eric Crapton If I can change tha world I'll be tha sunlight in your universe You would think my love was rearry something good Baby if I could change tha world
Shunsuke Tanaka
My dream is to be a GREAT MAN Because I am respected by people But I must do good things So I will do good things So I love everything
I am Sh0ichi Egashira 15years 0ld My h0bby is SN0W B0ARD My Dream is t0 be a GREAT father. My father is very kind to me and my sister.We like him very much and I want to be like my father. When I was child I often play him. I do not forget great days. My name is Akira Kameoka My dream is being a policeman .Because Iwant to help poor people. First,Imust learn judo and I must study very hard. Being a policeman is very difficult.But I think that I want to rearize it.
Junpei Tsuchiya
I want to be a lawyer. Because I want to help people who are in trouble. I wish that the people who need me as a professional lawyer soften. But it is difficult to be a professional lawyer. AT first, I must enter a univercity,and pass a country test. I think that the dream will not be able to realize. But,I will not give up my dream.
My dream is to be a lawyer. Because I am interested in the law. But, I do not know the law now. Because I must study very hard.
Yuko Abe
My dream is to be a picture book writer. There are two reasons that I'd like to be a picture book writer. One is I like drawing very much. And the other is I liked a children's story and fairy tale very much when I was a girl. It's not easy to become a picture book writer. It may be tough some time, but I still hope to realize this dream.
Keiko Hayashida
My dream is to be a voise actress. I have selected dream, when I was a child be fond see an animation. It's not easy to become a voice actress. First, you have to pass an audition to study at a famous theatrical company. Next, you have to learn After Recording and go to office to study an voice actress school. Be comeing a voice actress difficult indeed. But I still hope to realize this dream.
Mariko Ando
My dream is to become a stewardess. My mother is a stewardess. Her work is very hard. But she is very twinkling. So I think that I want to become a stewardess. To become a stewardess is not easy for me. First I must study English very hard. Next I must pass test to be a stewardess. My mother goes to many contries by hes job. So she has a lot of acquaintances and friends all over the world. I think that these things are very nice. But I somstimes miss her very much. Because she is too busy to talk with me in my home. Beside she is always absent from my teaching a lesson.So I want to go to my child's teaching a lesson in the future.And I want to be mother like her ioved by children. I need to make efforts to realize. When I did my best,my dreams come true same day.
Yousuke Shiga
Reika Yamaguchi
I want to become a designer. Because I like art very much, especially draw a picture. But if I become a painter, I won't be able to live. Because the painter is difficult to become a famous peason. So, I decide to become a designer. I want to be a career woman. Then I will work very hard. Why I think so that ...Because my mother is working very hard every day.But she finish housework,too.I think she is very great woman. I want to become like her. To do the best is good. I wiil be consistent my work and housework like her. I want to pass on art school and study there.But it is very difficult.So I must study very herd in high school. I want to art study in Europe some day.I don't know I have ability.But I want to be a designer.No I must be a designer. And I will surelly succeed.I have one another dream. When I become about sixty years old,I want to teach calligraphy to many people.I have learned calligraphy since 1987.Then I got a calligraphy's teacher license recently. So I will teach calligraphy some day.I think that calligraphy is good art.That is to say I want to live with art everyday. My dream is very big and difficult.But my dream is going to come true.I am beliving it... END
My dream is to be a judge.Becoming a judge is very very difficultfor me.But I'm interested in social studies,constitution and the United Nations.So I hope my dream will come true someday. First of all,I must study hardest.Second,I must memory about constitation,law dictionary or other a trial one.And I must be able to use them anytime by myself.This work memory and apply power is very important.The end,It is important to do justice heart to others any time.
My dream is to be a game composer. I have selected this dream because I have playd the piano for 12years. It's not easy to become a game composer. Fiast,I must go to an art college and study about special music. Next,I must pass the entrance examination. ecome a game composer is difficult indeed. But I still hope to realize this dream.
usuke Mochizuki
My dream is the self Defence force. Because I want to serve peopleFerst,I must enter the Defence Academy. Second,I must train my body. Being the self Defence Force is very difficult. But I think that I want to realize the dream.
Emiko Ogura
My dream is to be a diplomat. I want to go to many countries in the world and i selected such a dream.It is not easy for me to be a diplomat. To begin with,I must master English,French,German and Spanish. Next,I must pass a government officials test. To be a diplomat is really difficult,and yet I want to realize this dream.
Yuriko Yoshikawa
To go round the world trip is my dream.I would like to go to various countries,and I want to make a lot of friends.Along with go there I want to know their cultures.But I have to enough plan.Because I do not know what happen in there.And I have to learn their language.Perhaps it is difficult to learn it.But it will be pleasure. I really want to go various countries,and I want to introduce about their culture to many people. I'll go round the world trip ten years later. Then I'll see you somewhere.
Hiroko Koga
I have been dreaming to be a teacher in Japanese junior high school in foreign country. There are two reasons for my dream. First,why do I want to be a teacher? he reason is simple.I had a really nice and funny homeroom teacher when I was in the elementary school.And I just wanted to be like him. Next,why do I want to teach in foreign country?In Japan, many student are studying from morning to night for the entrance examunation.But children in foreign country don't worry so much about this.Of course,they study but they also play a lot. I have experienced to live in foreign country before,and at that time I really felt that I was pure.I guess it is because there's a wide nature there and children can feel at ease. That's why I want to teach children in foreign country. It will be important to study foreign country language to live in their country.It is not enough to mastar the grammer of the language,I have to be able to use. Though there are a lot problems,I will surelly be a teacher who is liked by every student. And when my dream comes true,I will let children select their lives by themselves,never to let to live a life decided by somebody else.I will do my best to make my dream real.
Keiko Terada
I want to be the work of utilizing of English in the future. I will study hard to realize my dream. So I am going to go on to university. I met English three years ago. At first I did not like English because I was not good at it. But I like English very much now. Because a English class is very pleasant, and I am not weak in it. But dream is not realized just to like. First,I must be able to speak English. I think that it need effort and time. I was to turn English to account for people. Though nothing definite has yet been decided upon, anyway,I was to be a useful member of society. It is not easy to realize this dream. But my dream is sure to cfome true.
Masaharu Isono
Six years ago,I came this town,Nishijin. I was fourth year of elmentary school. I belonged to the Nishijin minibasktball club,N.B.C. My seniors were very very good at playing basketball. All of My friend thought that they participated a tournament of whole country,because our coaches said so. But the result was contrary to our expectations. They lost a prefecuture tournament. I remenber it very well and I thought that I went to participated a tournament of the whole country then. It is my dream. I am not confident and I think it is impossible. But I do not give up. I practice basketball every day and study hard. I will study hard from now on. I am sure the knowledge will be of great use someday. If I accomplish the big dream,I want to do wonderful thing.
My dream is to be a professional MOTOCROSS rider. Because I like it better than any other things. It isn't easy for me to be a professional rider. First, I must be training and practicing very hard for a race. Next, I must compate in race,and win. Becoming a professional rider is very dificult for me. But I think my dream will come true someday.
Yuzo Murashita
My dream is to be a Fire Fighter. Because,it will be something to live for me. But it is difficult for me.I study hard to be it at first. But I never give up.It's very good dream for me. My spirit is HOW NO MONEY
Reiko Nagasaki
I have a lot of dreams. One of them is to go to the foreign countories,to live large placeand so on. The biggest one is to be a pharmacist. It is difficult for me to be a pharmacist, but I will try. I have to work hard to get my dream. At first I get corret knowl- edge. I have to know world information and various diseases. And the corret knowledge and information dipend on,my way ope happTo have happy life,now Ihave to do my best. By the way, do you know why I want to be a pharmacist? Because I want do the thing for the good of human being. For example, I make good drug. I must walk through the roud for my dream.
Rika Ito
My dream is to be a foreign student.But it is difficult for me to be a foreign student.Because I can not speak Engligh very well.I want to speak English very well. For that reason I must do two things to do.First I must study English harder. Next I must listen to English eff- ort.When I pass two things,I will to be a foreign student. Becoming a foreign student is difficult indeed. But I still hope to realize this dream.
Osamu Yamaguchi
I want to be a ULUTORAMAN. Because I like the ULUTORAMAN very much. It is not for me to be the ULUTORAMAN. To begin with,I must work at a TV station. Next,I must do ULUTORAMAN'S work very hard to world pease. To be an ULUTORAMA is really difficult and yet.I want to realize this dream.
My dream is to be a music instrument maker. Because I like instrument.At first I must study hard, and enter the first class business.This work wiil be very fun for me.I`d like to make it which people will be surprised. If I can't make it but I'd like to reserch it.
Ryo Higuchi
My bream is to be a game maker. Because I like game and I want to prease many children. But it's difficult to realize my dream. But I want to realizing my dream. So I go to atechnical high school. Next I go to a professional school. Still I want to my dream for came true.
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