Class 1
Nami Ota
I haven't made up my dream clearly yet. But I want to get to work something to do with art. I like to paint very much I'm not good at painting now, but i have confidence that I will make an efford to finish painting. I like to paint so much. I'm also interested in design. I have a lot of things that I want to do now. I think it is good. Hereafter I'm going to try various things. And after that I'll decide the thing that I really want to do.
Kei Ishii
My dream is to be a man who loves nature , or helps poor children in Africa , or keep the world peaceful. There are many problems on the earth. But few people notice that. The other day , I was spoken to by a foreigner. He was a Dutch. He told me to see the dirty river,and asked to do what I can do for the world. I had thought for a long time about that. And find the answer.That's all about my dream. Take care of yourself. Good-Bye.
Risa Oishi
My dream is to work at an airport. Because I like English and want various countries' people to have good impressions of Japan by talking with them. It is difficult to work at the airport. At first I have to learn English more to communicate well with foreigners. Next I have to be open-minded to understand different culture. I will do my best to realize my dream.
Satoko Tawara
My dream is to be a veterinarian. When I lived in my home town, many animals were run over by the car. Some of them got hurt and some were killed in the accidents because there wasn't a hospital for animals. So I want to help those animals. There's one thing I am very sorry. These days the number of people who get rid of their pets easily are getting larger and larger . When I become a veterinrian, I want to tell them not to treat them like toys and to take care of them more kindly. It is not easy to be a veterinarian. But I do my best to realize my dream to help animals.
Yuki Hieda
My dream is to be a doctor. There are many people who are poor andsuffering from various diseases in the worid. So l want to heip them . l think It is very important to help erch other. If I can help them, I will be vary happy . To be a doctor is not easy.But now I study very hard. I hope my dream will be true some day.
Makoto Kurihara
My dream is traveling around the world. I have selected this dream because I want to meet every kind of animals, I want to meet every kind of people, I will sometimes laugh, sometimes be sad, have some troubles, be moved and I want to have splendid time from now on. It is not easy to traveling around the world. First, I have to study geography hard. But I am not unwilling. Next, I have to save a lot of money to rich traveling. Traveling around the world is difficult indeed. But dream is freedom. I still hope to realize this dream.
Daijiro Suefuji
My dream is to be a tearoom. I have selected this dream because I like tea. It is not easy to become manage a tearoom. Because save a lot of money. Becoming a manage a tearoom is diffcult indeed. But I still hope to realize this dream.
My dream is to be a music teacher. I don't decide how to teach a music. But I hope to get a job so people will know how music is fun.But I don't like a music till now. Because I think I was forced to play the piano when I was a child.But I don't like loosing by music. And playing music became fun to me when I was 5th grade. I have selscted this dream because I love music and this job can contact with many children. But I have a big problem.This is theory. It is very difficult for me to understand theory. I will have some problems untill I can realize my dream. But I'll try to do my best.
Tetsuya Nakashima
My future dream is to become a junior high school teacher. Subject under my charge is going to be mathematics. A motive for teacher is two. First, I want to teach right schooling many students. Second, I possible want to be inter change many students. A effort to attain is two. They want to be many study and how to teach is well. The official qualifying examination is difficult but I think that I am going to do my best.
Ryohei Ishimaru
My Dream is to be a fire man. I have selected this dream because I want to save many life from fire. It's not easy to become a fire man. First, you have to study hard about fire man. Next, you have to pass a test to fire man. Becoming fire man is difficult indeed. But I still hope to realize this dream.
Naoya inoue
My dream is to build a house in the Sahara Desert. But. It is difficult for me to live in the Sahara Desert. There are big tokage,sasori and saboten. But. There are not woter.tree and furd .
Nahoko Maruyama
Fumino Omata
My dream is to live abroad. I have traveled to many countries with my family during vacation since my childhood. Since then I hope I could speak English and live abroad. I came to like English when I became junior high school student and learned it. It is difficult for me to realize my dream. But I speak to foreigners as much as possible when I go abroad and I hope my dream comes true.
Kana Shibata
My dream is to appear cooking program on TV. I like cooking very much. Because I was very happy when my first cooking was prised by my family. Then I like cooking. But It's not easy to became cook. I must go to pre°professinal schoolAand get many knowledge that the history of cooking and dietetics. I would like to study the essence of cooking and variaty of all over the world cooking Please tell me your favorits cooking and that recipe.
Sho Takeda
My dream is to be a doctor.The reason why I want to be a doctor is to save a lot of people.One day,I have been sick for one week.AT that time,I went to the hospital.Doctor was very gentel.he said to me "The mind rules the body". I thought to become a doctor at that time.But it is difficult to become a doctor.I will study very hard and hard.When I could it that to be a doctor.
Ippei Kitahara
My dream is to be an archaeologist. I have selected this dream because I have been interested in this since I was a boy. It isn't easy for me to be an archeologist. First, I have to study archeology. Next, after that I have to be an associate professor of the humanitise course, I have to be a profesty. And I want to go to Egypt to look into the pyramid. And I have to dive to the bottom of the sea, because I want to presume historic spots of the floor of the ocean. And I want to find a proof of it. So I want to utterance about it all of the world. And I want to solve a riddle: the seven wonders of the world and Indas language etc. When I will be an oid man, Iwill tell to my college students about this and iwant to give many dreams to them.
Nakao Teruhiko
My dream is to be an adventurer. I have selected this dream because I like an adventure. It is not easy to become an adventurer. First, you have to learn many languages. Next you have to make a strong body. Becoming an adventurer is difficult indeed. I'll do my best to become an adventurer.
Mami Kawashima
My dream is to be a kindergarten teacher.First reason is when I was five years old my teacher was very kind to us. And tought us a lot things.I really liked that teacher.So I selected this job.Second reason is because I like children. Looking at chidren,playing with children and talking with children makes me happy.To become a teacher is hard. First I have to graduate university.Then I have to learn piano.It is very long way to become a teacher but I will try hard.I will realize this dream.
Kazuaki Kuroiwa
My Dream is to go to America and I aim to take out the shop there . But,it in difficult for me to speak English. At First, I study English hard to speak good English. Busines is difficult for me in the America. But I still hope to realize this dream.
Yoshifumi Yamaguchi
My dream is an English teather. Because I am interested in English and America.
Toshiko Nawate
My dream is to be a fashion designer. Because I like sewing and I'm interested in clothes. When I was a childish, My mother and her friend made my clothes and gave me it. I was very happy. So,I want to make many clothes. My dream is not easy, but make clothes is very for me.
Takashi Sadano
I like many countries. Because there are many kinds of cultures. And cultures are different among mamy countries. So my dream is travering arong the world. @If when I can traver arong the world,I want to do a lot of thinks. For example,I want to speak many people.And I'm going to visit many famous places. So I staudy English hard. I wantnto hold firm to my opinion.
Hayato Nara
My dream is to become a farmer in Switzerland. Because I am longing it for ten years. But it is very difficult for me to become a farmer. I have nothing to do with a Swiss. In fact, up to now I don't try have something to do with Swiss. From now on , I have to try to have something to do with a Swiss.
Never give up !! Chika Hashiguchi
My dream is to be a officer of family register. The first reason that I'm interested in a "NAME". I am a child and I don't have a number of friends, so I don't know many kinds of "NAME". I want to know them. The second reason that I want to receive the registration of a birth. How wonderful ! I'm the first to identify its name formally. But if you want to work at municipal office, you have to pass a tough test. Although I know that, I want to be it. So I study to realize this deram.
Ayako Honda
I think my dream is a littie. But I want to be a lively person. This is after thing so that I can get living expenses in myself. My grandmother had a work which is able to get enough to living expenses. Her had a lot of friends and her had a lot of hobbies. For example,to teach callingraphy and so on. Her was a very livey person. I want to became like her. For the thing I will have to find a fit me work, some hobby and many friends.
Mayumi Oshige
I have watched Somalia on TV about two years ago. Somalia is one of the African continents. This country is suffering from various diseases and hunger now. I got a shock that I knew the fact. I really felt my happiness at the same time. And I thought. "I want to do the work that help people. I want to be useful for people of the world...!" But,it is very difficult for me to be realized this dream. Because,I need to have international common senses. To speak English is one of it. I made up my mind to go to the United States of America in this summer. The U.S.A. is a large country and the center of the world. So,I will bring international senses up for 1 year there. I am taking a step forward to realize my dream,now. I will realize my dream some day. "Boys,be ambitious!!"
My dream is to do international work. I have good a reason for thinking so. When I was a littie, I read a book. It was many children all over the world. They were hand in hand each other with a smile. I was impressed when Isaw them. I thought that I wanted to talk with them and to work as a brige between the countries. Then I thought what to do for this dream. First, you have to learn some foreign languages. English, French, Spanish, Chinese,and Portuguess etc... Next,you have to know many things. So, I thought that I'd like to go a collage to learn many things. Although it isn't easy ,I want to challange.I'll try to study as hard as possible.
Ayana Sujaku
@ My dream is to be happy.Happiness means satisfaction. I have chosen this dream,becauseI"m not happy. It is not easy for us to because happy.First,we have to do our best.Second,I must think about not only my happiness, but also others happiness.To become happy is more difficult than just to be a docter or a nurse.To become happy is really difficult,but I still hope to realize this dream.
Atsushi Matsushita
My dream is to be guitarist. I have selected this dream because I like playing the guitar.
Tomoki Kanda
I got a lottery because I want to build some amusement park. Why do I want to build it? Because I want to make many children hapyy. I want to see children's hapyy face and I am hapyy.
Yuri Fukuda
My dream is to be a doctor.I have been dreamed that since I was a child. My father is a doctor.So my child time, I was dreamed only what I want to be too. But, as growing up, the true means and roles that doctors working. I have recognized. There are two means. The one, doctor's working is very fullness I think. This work is to save the human's life and a little mistake turn to be a man's death. So this work is very difficult I think. But to save the man's life is very wonderful and it is good to me and patient. The other is that society needs a female doctor. My father is amedical speciality of the arvs. That subject is comparatively female specialist is little. When I was seen a doctor that the medical specialist of the arvs and qynecoloqist. I want to be soen a female doctor. So I want to that only temale. But to be a doctor is no easy. Now, to erter a medical school is very difficult. Because of increasing man wish to be that. So I think. Studying hard when I was in high school. It`s no easy way to be but I`m going my way with my will and got it.
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